Why you don’t want to get too personal with an escort

My name is Sarah and I have spent the better part of a decade working as an escort in a large metropolitan area in Canada. My experiences have been both interesting and sometimes off-putting. I’d like to help all you fellas out there and offer a bit of advice on what not to do. Let me walk you through the exciting and sometimes strange world of escorting. Continue reading

10 disputes with a client that an escort should be prepared for

There is no business in existence that will sustain without some level of controversy with its clientele, at some point in time. It’s just a common part of doing business. You’re not always going to agree. When you’re an escort, it’s easy to take these disputes to heart. When you’re giving pieces of yourself and you put everything you have into your performances, it’s hurtful when someone acts displeased with your efforts. Some disputes are worth worrying about, while others shouldn’t stress you out, at all. Consider some common disputes you may run across as you do your thing: Continue reading

9 bulletproof incentives that escorts can offer their customers

According to Inc.com, over 65% of marketers implement some sort of loyalty programs to entice consumers. The general public has been trained to expect perks and benefits when they make any kind of purchase, large or small. And, as the amounts they spend increase, they expect the privileges to, as well.

To compete in this sort of market, an adult service provider has to be willing to adapt their marketing in a way that allows their clients to feel special, to feel like each of them has been elevated to the preferred customer status. Incentives are a great way to do this. Continue reading

How can escorts handle seasonal increase of business?

As the temperatures rise and spring comes along, the libido of clients often increases, too. The feeling of the weight of winter being lifted away and the promise of more fun with the sight of more skin as people venture out and about will cause your clients to call and book more encounters. You may hear from clients who you thought had fallen off your list, in addition to acquiring new clients who are excited about their first experiences with you. Continue reading