13 reasons why you did not like your session with an escort

It’s really discouraging and frustrating when you pay any kind of service provider for an activity and fail to receive a good experience from it. Whether you’re looking for a babysitter for your child, medical care from a doctor or adult services from an entertainment provider, it’s disheartening when you feel that you didn’t get what you paid for. Understanding why the situation didn’t live up to what you hoped it would is key in scheduling future encounters that will. Some of these reasons can be attributed to being your own fault, while others are clearly beyond your control. Here are many of the reasons: Continue reading

Escorts are a bargain

Clients of escorts usually fit into a variety of categories, but most of the time, they have one thing in common: they have money. They may not all be wealthy; but, they all have some disposable income they can spend in order to have a good time. However, less wealthy men usually believe that high-end escorts are out of their league, because they don’t have the discretionary income to cover a basic encounter — but when you really look at it, an evening with an escort is a much better investment than playing the conventional dating game. Continue reading

10 things to consider before your first date as an escort

You’ve made the decision to work as an escort, and booked your first client. Smooth sailing so far? Great. But before you see the client there are some practical things to consider and choices to make. While you could blindly go into your first meeting and hope for the best, being as prepared as possible gives you the best shot at having an enjoyable first experience and the beginning of a successful career. Continue reading