13 things providers should never consent to even in dire need of money

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for an escort to become desperate for money. Whether it’s because you’re new to the industry and are struggling to develop a full schedule of bookings or you’ve encountered a dry spell of clients (or many other circumstances could be causing you financial difficulties), it’s a terrible state to be in. Continue reading

How to stay nice while attending to your escort business

One of the misnomers about becoming a successful escort is that you must put up a tough image, as emotions and personal involvement have no place in the industry. However, much to the contrary, what many clients are actually looking for is  compassion, empathy, listening, and kindness, which are lacking in their daily lives. However, it is true that when you work in the business, keeping a stiff upper lip is necessary Continue reading

You are not buying an escort

Escorts see a wide variety of clients who touch on all levels of socio-economic statuses. From middle-class clients to the very wealthiest A-listers, escorts provide them with companionship and time through their services. To an escort, all clients are charged the same rate, providing that time with them is not overly difficult or taxing. But, many clients assume that by offering an escort more money, they will achieve certain privileges or “rights” due to their generosity. Continue reading