13 reasons why you did not like your session with an escort

It’s really discouraging and frustrating when you pay any kind of service provider for an activity and fail to receive a good experience from it. Whether you’re looking for a babysitter for your child, medical care from a doctor or adult services from an entertainment provider, it’s disheartening when you feel that you didn’t get what you paid for. Understanding why the situation didn’t live up to what you hoped it would is key in scheduling future encounters that will. Some of these reasons can be attributed to being your own fault, while others are clearly beyond your control. Here are many of the reasons: Continue reading

13 reasons to market entertainment to female audience

In years past, men were usually observed as the majority consumers of adult entertainment, from porn to escorts. However, the world has changed and women are raising their voices, too. They are more powerful in their careers, seeking equality in relationships and standing firmly independent in a world formerly ruled by their male counterparts. As a result, their prevalence in the adult entertainment industry as customers is starting to be seen. And, you don’t want to miss out on this important demographic. Consider why you should market your services to women, too: Continue reading

11 sure signs you are an escort

Just like in any profession, there are some definitive signs that, without a doubt, identify you as a representative in your industry. For instance, a proofreader notices spelling and grammar errors in any flyer, invoice, newspaper article or other document they may see. Therapists may unconsciously analyze a friend or acquaintance. A mechanic notices squeaks or other oddities in a vehicle that the driver may never discern. Escorts have their own set of things Continue reading

Green Bay, Wisconsin escort and escort service permits

The city statutes of Green Bay require that a person obtain a permit if she wishes to work as an escort or operate an escort service within the city limits. An escort is defined as an individual who is paid for spending time with a client for entertainment purposes, including performing lingering modeling, striptease acts or performing nude or semi-nude. Continue reading

Escorts and relationships: 10 things to remember to keep your significant other

We all know that relationships can be difficult, sometimes plain impossible. But, add the intimacy you share with your clients into the mix, and you may have a recipe for disaster when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a meaningful relationship with your significant other. And yet, with respect, honesty and basic courtesy (along with following the recommended tips below), any escort can maintain a loving relationship with her significant other. Continue reading

Sugar daddy for an escort

Finding a sugar daddy or mommy might be the answers to many escorts’ prayers. Someone to pay the rent, make student loans go away and take you on trips to exotic locations sounds like the perfect solution to financial challenges. Even though it’s not possible to simply conjure up a sugar parent to fulfill your whims and desires, there are some tricks that you can use to find one of your own. Continue reading

The top 10 items an escort should carry in her handbag

Every woman has her own preferences about the types of things she carries in her handbag. Some women can’t live without a tote that suggests she might be lugging around everything including the kitchen sink, while others exist quite happily with nothing more than a wristlet or wallet with a little cash, lip gloss and a credit card or two. However, for an escort there are some items that make Continue reading