11 scenarios providers are officially tired of

There are some themes in the adult entertainment industry that are consistent requests for providers. Customers ask for these scenarios repeatedly. The first few times a provider performs them, it’s ok. But, when the request is so common that it becomes the “standard” for client interactions, it gets old really fast. As a customer, it’s important for you to ask for what you want when hiring a provider. But, it also pays to use some creativity and think beyond the most recent porn movie you saw or clichéd dance performance you witnessed at the club down the street. Continue reading

How not to creep out your escort: 13 keys

Escorts of all tints of the adult entertainment industry are forever on the lookout for customers who are safety threats. Despite their attempts to screen clients, some truly scary characters slip through the gaps and create problems for providers. Because there are so many questionable types who call upon them for their services, providers are usually pretty defensive and vigilant about identifying threatening types. Knowing this, you should be on your very best behavior and avoid behaviors that would cause your provider to be creeped out by your presence. Here are some behaviors you shouldn’t engage in: Continue reading

12 ways to keep quiet about your adventures with escorts

The consensus is that partaking of the pleasures associated with the adult industry is something you should keep quiet about. Not only is your personal and professional reputation on the line, but so is your provider’s. But, discretion runs deeper than just keeping your mouth shut about your adventures. It involves a much more intense awareness that many of your actions could cause unwanted attention or disapproval. Be sure to follow these suggestions as you frolic in the adult entertainment industry: Continue reading

13 ways to get yourself blacklisted by escorts

Most of the time, you have to do something pretty drastic to get blacklisted by an escort. But, clients often claim they really have no clue what it was about their behavior that drove an escort to block their calls and inquiries. Sometimes, it’s a combination of actions. Other instances may culminate due to a build-up of issues. If you are concerned that you might tick off your escort enough to put you on her “never again” list, avoid the following taboos: Continue reading

How to be a dream webcam client

Technology is a magnificent thing that allows you to enjoy “intimacy” with an attractive “partner” without having to leave the safety net of your own home. Webcam opportunities provide you a chance to enjoy seeing a beautiful woman in all of her glory without having to venture out, endure smoke and crowds or be seen, yourself. It’s an anonymous way to indulge your sexual fantasies without the physical contact that might be construed as infidelity. And, it’s a way to get your rocks off without having to actually come into contact with a real human being. But, as the fan of a webcam model, there are several elements of etiquette you should be aware of as you enjoy her show. Consider these dos and don’ts when you log in:

  1. Don’t make requests if you have no money: Too many viewers think that simply because they are allowed to see the webcam show, it means that they can direct it, too. That’s not how it works. Usually, a webcam model has a basic routine she goes through during her time online. Some standard requests may be fulfilled, if they don’t veer greatly from her usual activities. However, she isn’t going to pay your wishes a lot of attention, unless you’ve ponied up some cash. You’re watching a free show. Remind yourself that the “good stuff” doesn’t happen for general audiences. She’s not obligated to do anything for you or to give you an eyeful that you haven’t paid for. She makes her income from clients who are willing to pay for her special attention. A webcam model isn’t going to give you anything extra for free, no matter how many times you ask.
  2. Don’t spam your model: Chatting with your model is a privilege. No model is going to boot you for making a request or two. (It doesn’t mean that she will fulfill your wishes, though.) But, she will get pretty irritated with you if you carpet bomb her chat dialogue with demands for anal antics. Repeating your request over and over, again, just makes you look like a jerk. It will get you nowhere.
  3. Spamming your model crowds out other requests from paying members of the show. This will completely make her mad and get you banned from her performance. (Even if you are a paying member of the audience, you should never feel like you have the right to make the same request so many times it counts as spam in the feed.) It still clutters the chat, and other watchers will get annoyed at you, too. Not only is it annoying to your model, but it’s bad for business on her end, too. She will lose other viewers as a result of your poor manners.
  4. Don’t push your model to perform acts she is uncomfortable with. So, you may have stumbled across a kinky model who seems to push the boundaries a little farther during a free show. Don’t naturally assume that she will feel compelled to perform even kinkier acts for you, especially those that are beyond her comfort zone. She still has limits. She has things she doesn’t want to do. Don’t attempt to exert pressure or encourage other viewers to chime in with your extreme request. Demands to insert items into her nether regions or to engage in oddball acts will just get her agitated, which is never good during a show. The environment during a webcam performance should remain a welcoming, friendly and safe one. When you try to coerce her into acting in a manner she feels uncomfortable with, it sets a negative tone for everyone. It’s just bad manners and disrespectful. Also, if you were at a strip club enjoying a show, you wouldn’t be allowed to harass the dancer by asking her to do things she was uncomfortable with. It’s the same thing with a webcam model.
  5. Don’t advertise or mention other sites: Regardless of how good a webcam model is, you may get bored at some point. This is especially true if you’re joining her performance for free. A model is not going to give you an all-out show during a non-paid session. But, don’t be rude and start comparing her actions or appearance to those on another site or to another model. Don’t start suggesting others go to a different site or visit a new model. It’s fine if you patronize several sites or models. Nobody cares if you’re an exclusive fan of this particular model. But, it’s full-on rude to discuss other sites on the chat during a show. It discourages your model and makes her feel as though you’re completely disinterested in what she has to offer. If you’re bored or dissatisfied, leave. Log off and go somewhere else that is more enjoyable to you. You don’t have to stay logged in and continue to chatter.
  6. Don’t ask your model for her personal information. Webcam models get to be anonymous through the nature of their business. They perform from their own homes (most times), which are undisclosed locations. They get paid for working from home. And, their safety is ensured, as none of their audience members can find them. Webcam models are not escorts, so there is no need to obtain their personal information to book time with them later. They usually work through a web service where you can contact them about scheduling exclusive virtual shows. They value their privacy and will not share their real names, details about their personal lives nor their contact information. Asking a model for her phone number or anything else goes beyond the limitations set for audience members. You’re wasting your time and causing her stress. Seek out an escort if you’re looking to spend some personal one-on-one time with a woman in the flesh.
  7. Show respect: You have no idea what kind of journey your model may be on. She may be well educated, but prefer to work from home camming because she can make more money that way. She may be from a wealthy family, but enjoys the thrill of performing for strangers. She may be a bored housewife who is making a few extra bucks for groceries. You should never make assumptions about your webcam girl. Much like you would with an exotic dancer or escort, you must treat her with the utmost respect. She’s doing a great service for you, in that she’s supplying you with intimate entertainment. Treat her nicely, and she will reciprocate. However, if you act like an entitled jerk who judges her or puts her down, she won’t be doing any special favors for you. Despite her background or individual history, she deserves your respect and a courtesy. If you can’t be nice, log off. If you’re not willing to use your manners, go somewhere else.
  8. Don’t lurk and jerk: When you first join a performance, you’re a guest. It’s acceptable to watch for awhile before you decide if the show is for you. However, once you’ve watched for hours or tune in regularly, you’re no longer a “guest.” You’re a full-fledged audience member. Most sites have a place where you can register and sign in. Assigning yourself a screen name is not diminishing your anonymity, if that’s important to you. It doesn’t usually cost anything or require a credit card number to become a website member. When you register and sign in, it gives your escort an identity to connect you with. Otherwise you’re the creeper known as Guest091, or something else devoid of personality. Even though models know that they are going to have audience members who don’t pay, the ones who are observing in silence and behind the mask of non-membership are stalker-ish. It’s pretty unnerving to think that someone is watching, becoming aroused and climaxing to your show, without even giving a name to himself.
  9. Tip generously: Anytime that you are enjoying services provided by an adult entertainer of any sort, it’s customary to show your appreciation through tipping. “Gold” goes a long way in demonstrating that you were pleased with the performance. The same holds true for tipping a webcam performer. Most web services allow for tipping the models you watch, in addition to paying for special services, such as exclusive/private shows. Sometimes, websites allow you to buy tokens or credits that you can award to webcammers you especially like. Models cash in the tokens they earn during a shift for cash that is usually directly deposited into their accounts. Tipping will usually get you more personal attention during a public performance and later, as well, when you return to see a model, again. Models remember clients who tip well – and, conversely, they remember those who never tip, too. Of course, tipping is never required. But, if you’ve enjoyed a performance, it’s a nice way to show your gratitude for her hard work.
  10. Consider a private show if you want personal interaction: Generally, you don’t get a chance to chit chat with a model during a public show. She’s busy working and trying to make all of her viewers happy. If you’re someone who is only content with one-on-one attention, then an exclusive show is what you need, as you’re not going to be happy with anything else. Private performances really aren’t that expense. Consider it much like a lap dance you might request at a dance club. During this performance, you’re much more likely to get things you want, such as a model who will engage in kink activities, role play or fetish fun. These aspects of webcamming are rarely included in public shows. But, when it’s just you and her only separated by computer screens, she is all yours and much more likely to indulge all (or most!) or your fantasies.
  11. Lavish her with compliments: The old saying that indicates flattery will get you everywhere is entirely true with webcam models. Even though they perform to faceless audiences every day, it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy attention and appreciation. Telling a model that she looks nice, her legs are gorgeous or that she’s really got you turned on helps break the monotony that webcamming is known for. It’s a nice change of pace to hear something nice and helps her feel like she’s doing something right. Additionally, it helps you stand out among the crowd, which just might get you a little special attention or a request or two granted. You never know – a compliment might make a huge difference. And, the best part is that it’s free!
  12. Follow your favorite models: Just like you may follow your favorite celebrities on Facebook or other social media sites, you can follow your favorite webcam models on most of their performance sites. Not only do you find out a little more about them through their profiles and other information provided as you follow them, but you can also instantly tell if they’re performing when you log in. And, it allows you to pick up directly where you left off with them the last time you were online. AND, it allows the model to know when you log in to one of their shows so they can be sure to greet you. When you follow a webcam model, you also inform her that she’s one of your favorites and are interested in seeing more of her. Many models also get featured during better time slots and get more marketing boosts when they have more followers. You’re helping her career out when you list her as a favorite.
  13. Don’t get upset if the show stops suddenly: Blaming a webcam model for closing up a show early is unfair when you have no idea what happened. Sometimes, a model is having difficulties with an audience member. He could be heckling her or verbally abusing her in some fashion. Some webcam models just don’t put up with it and nip it in the bud when it starts by simply stopping their performance. Sometimes, a model just needs a break. If you just joined in, you have no idea how long her shift has been, the extent of her performance prior to your log in and her other life circumstances. Unless you’ve paid for an exclusive performance, you have to right to feel entitled to her shows. Getting mad at your model won’t fix anything. Additionally, it isn’t always her fault. Technical difficulties, bad Internet connections, server issues or other problems may interrupt her show completely, leaving audience members wondering what happened. Take it for what it is, and move on.
  14. Show your gratitude: Many webcam models perform to faceless audiences that never demonstrate emotion, gratitude or satisfaction. They never know if they pleased their viewers. And, they often close up performances without a single “thank you.” Don’t allow the shows you watch to be like this. If you climax during a model’s performance, let her know. It can be the simple use of a universal code to signal to her that you experienced orgasm. Simply push down on one button on your keyboard and allow the letter to repeat. It can be any letter. Such as: “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” or “ttttttttttttttttttttt.” All experienced webcammers will recognize this as a message of pleasure. Finally, be sure to say thanks when you’re logging off. A nice “thank you” goes a long way!

17 common-sense dos and don’ts for exotic dancers at private parties

Adult service providers who work as exotic dancers may find opportunities to entertain clients at private parties. Birthdays, bachelor/stag events, going away celebrations and other activities may warrant some scantily clad eye candy for the party goers’ appreciation. But, working a private party is a lot different from doing a night at the club. Before you show up for a private gig, pay attention to these important tips so that you and your clients’ experiences are as great as possible. Continue reading

13 things escorts do that annoy customers

We already looked at the things clients do that annoy escorts. Now let’s be fair and
look out of the mirror.

Escorts may have extremely long lists of things that typically annoy them about their clients, including deal-breaker behaviors that will cause them to block a particular one. However, clients also have pet peeves when it comes to escorts. Being able to understand behaviors that turn off clients is essential to being able to maintain a good relationship with them and retain a strong client list. You might be surprised which traits you are guilty of and get some ideas about things you need to work on. Beware of the following things escorts do to annoy their clients: Continue reading

Escorts, how awful are your phone manners?

Recently I had occasion to phone escorts, literally hundreds of escorts. OMG. In a few hundred phone calls only one in ten calls – at best – were even slightly pleasant. I thought perhaps it was the sound of a woman’s voice which was putting the escorts off, so I had my husband make calls. Lots of calls. My darling loves women, has a nice voice and has made calls for a living: he would come away from the phone a bit dazed. And utterly amazed at the lack of finesse these business women possessed. Continue reading