How to ensure your escort is exactly who you want to meet

When you start looking for an escort online, it can be pretty overwhelming. The options are endless, the providers are gorgeous and it may make your head spin. When you started looking for one particular service, you may be distracted by something else that sounds fun. An ASP you hadn’t even considered before may strike your fancy — only to be replaced by the next pretty face you stumble on. In short, it’s really hard to choose a provider. But, to get the kind of services you really want, you need to do the work to ensure you get exactly what and who you want. Continue reading

When the escort session does not go as expected

Maybe Mark Twain said it best: “Climate is what we expect; weather is what we get.” When you call an escort and book an encounter, you probably have specific expectations of what will occur when you meet up in person. And your expectations for your escort are certainly high. Of course, they should be: she is a consummate professional, skilled at her craft. Continue reading