13 escort-specific money-saving tricks

Though it’s assumed that escorts are rolling in big money as a result of their prosperous careers, they don’t always start out on easy street. In the beginning, escorts are trying to find a balance for all of their expenses, just like anyone else. (And even as they reach successful levels of financial independence, they may still seek out methods of being budget conscious and conserving their funds.) In fact, there are many costs associated with escorting that add up to substantial amounts of money. Smart escorts look for ways to save money and budget more efficiently like the 13 below: Continue reading

13 cash-friendly habits every escort should cultivate

There is something wonderfully attractive about a jewelry box or, better still, a Louboutin shoe box full of cash. Especially if your work is producing more cash every day.

And yet, well, some escorts have trouble paying their rent at the end of the month. A lot of escorts have no savings and a lousy credit score. Even more either fail to file income tax or file without claiming the deductions they are entitled to. All that cash somehow evaporates. Continue reading

Top 10 escort expenses

In the world of escorting, it’s easy to focus on the money you get from clients, forgetting about the other expenses that you may incur. Seeing those $100 bills is enough to get anyone excited, especially when you may have a list of things you’d like to buy a mile long. But, some of that money has to be allocated to the expenses you incur to become an escort. While it’s easy for industry outsiders to overlook escort expenses, they do add up quickly and are significant issues in one’s budget. Continue reading