The unbelievable act of balancing motherhood and escorting

Moms aren’t expected to be sexy. They are rarely thought of as women who break the rules. And they are always at home to tuck their babies in bed at night. However, moms defy these stereotypes every day in ways that raise the eyebrows of the mainstream population and prompt harsh judgment on their lifestyles. Many of these moms work as professional escorts and make respectable livings for their children and families. Continue reading

Escorts and relationships: 10 things to remember to keep your significant other

We all know that relationships can be difficult, sometimes plain impossible. But, add the intimacy you share with your clients into the mix, and you may have a recipe for disaster when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a meaningful relationship with your significant other. And yet, with respect, honesty and basic courtesy (along with following the recommended tips below), any escort can maintain a loving relationship with her significant other. Continue reading