Finest example of the out-of-the-box escorting

How a girl escorts is all about how she sees the business and her own sense of self. Many escorts take a basic, meat and potatoes approach and that can, and does, work, be it ever so boring. Other girls like to explore their beauty and take a model-experience approach. Still others believe they have what it takes to provide the “porn star” experience and charge accordingly. No single approach is right, but some are more lucrative than others, and one is right for you. Continue reading

13 life milestones that will send a client into an escort’s arms

Within the industry, it is a commonly accepted fact that certain aspects of life will cause an individual to seek the company of an escort. Being lonely, depressed or feeling unappreciated are obvious emotional issues that might send anyone to the phone to set up an encounter. However, in addition to a feeling of loneliness (for example), there are certain life events that may drive an impulse for some attention from a beautiful woman. Continue reading

Phone sex 101 for escorts

Although most escorts deal exclusively with in-person encounters with clients, there are a few that, when approached, will consider engaging in phone sex sessions, too. Although phone sex lacks physical contact, it can be incredibly stimulating and fulfilling for the client who fantasizes about it. And, many men have desires to participate in it, but they don’t have the opportunity to explore the activity. Continue reading

14 simple tips for escorts who provide a fantasy vacation experience

It’s not only flattering when a client wants to take you on vacation with him, but it’s also exciting that you will get to travel somewhere fun and exotic (hopefully!). Once you get over the butterflies in your stomach from realizing that you’re actually going to go on a luxury vacation to Paris or the Riviera, reality has to set in that you’re traveling on someone else’s vacation as an employee. Continue reading

Escorts can phone it in

Even though most escorts provide services to their clients in person, there is the rare occasion that one will follow through on a client’s wish to have an encounter over the telephone in order to steam things up for a later rendezvous. When you find an escort who is willing to talk you up with phone sex, it’s important to know what to do when you are on the phone with him or her. While most of the work is done by your escort, you still have some responsibilities that will help keep the momentum of the moment going so that you get the best experience possible. Here are some tips to use when your escort is phoning it in:

  1. Know the fantasy or roles you want played out. Decide ahead of time what you want the scenario to include. Do you want plain phone sex that is down and dirty? Do you want to pretend to be a wrong number? Do you want to pretend it’s a business call that turns sexual? Determine your ideal scenario and let your escort know at the beginning of the phone call. By letting your escort know, you are more likely to get what you want and expect from the phone call.
  2. Be specific. Now is not the time to be subtle. It’s important to let your escort know if you want to talk about a specific body part, domination, water play or any other subject that trips your trigger. Otherwise, your escort is left in the dark and has to simply bring things up as shots in the dark.
  3. Give positive feedback to your escort as the call progresses. If you can’t verbalize an “Oh, yes,” then moan or groan to indicate that you are receiving pleasure from the experience. If the experience isn’t going the way you want it to, feel free to redirect your escort in another way.
  4. Answer questions posed to you by your escort. He or she asks you questions for a reason, typically to help direct the encounter and lead to what happens next. If you fail to answer questions, it stalls the phone sex experience because your escort is unsure where to go with the next step.
  5. React enthusiastically. An enthusiastic partner will likely get an enthusiastic escort who gets more into the experience. If you act disinterested or distracted, your escort will not be able to help you reach your goal as well.
  6. Remember that you won’t click with everyone. If it’s not working for you, politely let your escort know and seek out someone else to fulfill your phone fantasies that will lead to a physical encounter.
  7. Be ready to talk when it’s time for your phone call. Make sure there are no distractions, such as watching television, taking care of your children or surfing the Internet. Not only is it rude to not be fully focused when your escort is working hard to help you reach your goal, but it will impede your progress. Additionally, make sure you have a good phone connection before proceeding with the call. Trying to engage in phone sex with a patchy connection is nearly useless.
  8. Speak up while you’re on the phone with your escort. It’s difficult to engage in a sexual phone encounter when you’re whispering and can’t hear one another.
  9. Engage in a little bit of conversation prior to your phone encounter. It helps to establish a connection between you and your escort, which helps to progress the phone sex along.
  10. Interact with your escort during the phone call as though it’s a real, physical encounter. Bringing a bit of reality into it helps make the experience more fulfilling.
  11. Laugh and have fun. Laughter and a sense of humor can make the phone sex that much more pleasurable.
  12. Stay on the line to say “Goodbye” or “Thank you” after the climax. Escorts (and other phone sex workers) find it very rude when clients abruptly hang up after the call or experience is completed.