13 reasons to market entertainment to female audience

In years past, men were usually observed as the majority consumers of adult entertainment, from porn to escorts. However, the world has changed and women are raising their voices, too. They are more powerful in their careers, seeking equality in relationships and standing firmly independent in a world formerly ruled by their male counterparts. As a result, their prevalence in the adult entertainment industry as customers is starting to be seen. And, you don’t want to miss out on this important demographic. Consider why you should market your services to women, too: Continue reading

How to be the feminine escort

There are many theories about why men hire escorts. They range from the “relief of unbearable urges” all the way through loneliness or sexual neglect at home and on over to kinky desires. Whatever the rationale, men do hire escorts and for the escort, the why is not the most important part of this business equation. She is more interested in translating this into things she can do to make sure men visit her in particular. Continue reading

11 ways the escort industry supports feminism

You can be a woman, love sex and have it all. Lipstick feminists have contended this for years. Their opponents within the movement have spoken out critically time and time again about women “bowing down” to the needs of others. Meanwhile, escorts of both genders prove that it’s their autonomy, beauty, brains and abilities that truly empower them and make them unstoppable. Continue reading