Fetish girl: The art of edgy escorting

We’ve written about fetish and role play escorting before. It is an endless topic simply because the sheer range of client fetishes is so extreme. At the same time, with the increasing availability of fetish material online, in ebooks and in reports in mainstream media, more and more escorts are adding fetish work to their existing escorting businesses. Continue reading

14 keys to success as a love slave/master team

Many adult service providers find themselves being asked if they will conduct love slave services, serving as a master for a client. But, before jumping into a situation where a client is relying on you to give him both orders and punishment, it’s essential that you understand the ins and outs of slave encounters, how to conduct them and why a client might desire one. There are several things to consider, such as whether it’s an experience you want to include in your list of services. Take the following things under review before accepting your first love slave client: Continue reading

Phone sex 101 for escorts

Although most escorts deal exclusively with in-person encounters with clients, there are a few that, when approached, will consider engaging in phone sex sessions, too. Although phone sex lacks physical contact, it can be incredibly stimulating and fulfilling for the client who fantasizes about it. And, many men have desires to participate in it, but they don’t have the opportunity to explore the activity. Continue reading

Footwear fetish and foot worship tips for escorts

Of all of the fetishes and unique requests you may get from clients, the desire to fulfill a foot fetish is by far one of the least invasive and easiest ones to grant. While society still frowns upon men who find women’s feet ultra sexy, beautiful feet are emphasized daily through the media’s obsession with shoes, pedicures and sexy stockings. It’s quite a dichotomy; the media encourages women to sex up their feet, but they discourage men to be aroused by them. Continue reading

Pros and cons of offering specialty escort services

Many escorts start out in the industry providing general services to the client who wants a standard encounter. Some may expand their services to include the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or role playing, but those are fairly “vanilla” provisions. When an escort who specializes in basic encounters looks for new ways to generate income, it’s fairly common for her to consider expanding her offerings. Continue reading

An escort’s guide to food fetishes

While most clients want your typical services and enjoy the attention you lavish upon them during encounters, others may have something else a bit more ful”filling” in mind. Food fetishes are common fantasies that most clients don’t have outlets for in their real lives. So, when they find an escort they can trust, it’s a likely experiment that may be requested. Continue reading