Things you never considered about porn star escorts

You’ve seen her in films and lusted after her through your online porn portals, but you never thought you’d ever actually have the chance to hook up with your favorite porn star in person. Well, believe it or not, it’s becoming increasingly more common for porn stars to do double duty as personal escorts. But, before you move forward with any misconceived ideas, be aware that things are not always as you might expect for them to be with a porn star escort. Come to these realizations before attempting to finagle a booking with her: Continue reading

12 false lessons about escorts taught by the movies and TV

It’s impossible to learn anything by watching fiction. The escort industry, featured in a good deal of movies or television shows with the over-dramatized, fictional characters, is not an exception. The thing is, though, that most people have no chance of knowing what and how exactly is misrepresented by the mass entertainment machine. To counter that, let’s examine the following 12 myths: Continue reading

10 reasons to see “American Courtesans”

Escorts typically lead their lives through a veil of mystery and secrets. Their lives are hidden from their families and exposed (sometimes literally) to everyone on the Internet. However, many escorts wish that general social attitudes and moral judgment would suspend and extend them acceptance and understanding. But in the real world, this will probably never be the case, unless things change drastically. Continue reading