Escorting your way to solvency

Writing this column for a while you begin to get a bit weary of the straight escort success stories. Lovely girls who have decided to capitalize on their looks for great money escorting are interesting but are they the reality?

When Angie got in touch we checked out her website and found a buxom blonde on the other side of thirty. The site was pretty similar to the escorting sites we’ve seen. Lots of quite nice pictures of a girl who is obviously not shy. But the copy was a little different.

I escort because I love the kindness of strangers

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How escorts can make the best of the slow season

It’s a common trend for certain times of year or seasons to be slower than others. Often, repeatedly, the same time periods prove to be less profitable and produce lower numbers of leads and fewer inquiries for escorts. If you have a consistently slow season, you don’t have to muddle through it without receiving any benefits of your increased free time. Continue reading

9 reasons for escorts to refuse credit card payments

Even though credit cards may be becoming the way of the world, you may find that there are significant reasons that will deter you from accepting them as payment for your escort services. Although 80% of U.S. consumers own and regularly use debit cards, there is nothing suggesting that you have to accept plastic in order to continue to have a thriving business. Continue reading

Avoiding issues come tax time for the private escort

Working freelance is hard. You’re setting up your own schedule, doing your own advertising and networking, trying to figure out exactly how to “play” the part that will be the most lucrative, and your income comes from many sources. By the end of the year, recording all of your work for taxation can be a daunting task; an endless gray area for those not familiar with how the process works. Continue reading