12 simple hints to help you impress your escort

Clients normally want to make a good first impression with an escort, but, often, they fail to put their best feet forward when showing up for that initial encounter. Escorts see a little bit of everything, so it’s difficult to completely offend them. However, some clients succeed in really putting them off and making them dread time scheduled for encounters with difficult or unpleasant clients. With just a little self-reflection and efforts to be on best behavior, nearly any client can accomplish pulling off a good first impression. Continue reading

How to become an escort: 11 things to do before your first session

You’ve taken some pictures, done some marketing and found your first actual client. Congratulations! What next? There are a few things to do before you venture out for your first booking.

Once you realize that your intentions have gone from an online ad to meeting up with a client in the flesh, you may think you’re not really ready for such an adventurous career choice. However, if you’ve made it this far, you are likely very prepared to walk the walk. This checklist may come in handy: Continue reading

10 things to consider before your first date as an escort

You’ve made the decision to work as an escort, and booked your first client. Smooth sailing so far? Great. But before you see the client there are some practical things to consider and choices to make. While you could blindly go into your first meeting and hope for the best, being as prepared as possible gives you the best shot at having an enjoyable first experience and the beginning of a successful career. Continue reading