How to book an escort session while on a business trip

A business trip is sometimes seen as a time and opportunity to incorporate some extra-curricular fun into one’s life by scheduling an encounter with an escort. However, if you’re accustomed to booking sessions with an escort in your hometown, the process and expectations may differ from what you’re used to experiencing. There are a few things you can do ahead of time to make it easier. And, there are some tasks you must tend to at the time to seamlessly visit with an escort while you’re away. Review this checklist for a successful experience in another city: Continue reading

Extended encounters: 13 things clients need to know to ensure positive experience

Each time that an escort agrees to schedule an extended encounter, she is agreeing to step out of her comfort zone and provide a special service for a client she trusts and enjoys. Escorts have firm rules about extended encounters and who they book them with. These kinds of services are not typically granted, unless a client has earned an escort’s trust and is able to pay the rate for her companionship during such a long timeframe. Continue reading