Is male escorting a job, a career, or a path to freedom?

It can be said that men, in general, are fixated on their careers. Luckily, the gender gap has been narrowing for quite some time, but men are still number one when it comes to motivation by career advancement alone. To many grown-up boys, having the best well-paying job, driving the finest car and screwing a boatload of hotties are usually the most desirable signs that they’ve made it in life. Still, to many others this is not exactly what they are shooting for. Could escorting be a viable option for both camps? Continue reading

How to get a man off quickly: Male escort perspective

As a male escort, there are a number of techniques one can use to get a guy off faster. Sometimes, this is not the most logical course of action to take when time is the product being bought and sold, but when it comes to rendering sexual services – time may very well be of the essence and therefore – knowing how to get to the point when it counts is not only advisable but highly beneficial. Continue reading

How to approach a younger man as a male escort

In my last article, I explained how to approach an older man as a male escort. I did this by discussing places to meet older clients and ways to advance them from start to finish in these particular environments. In this article, I will expose the differences and similarities in both age groups, while maintaining a special focus on how to pick up and seal the deal with younger clientele. Continue reading

How to approach an older man as a male escort

An escort knows the majority of his clientele will likely be older than he is. There is just a certain level of understanding that youth is a very prized and alluring attribute to possess; with it the world is often your oyster. From a man’s perspective, virility and power are the two characteristics that comprise the majority of what gay men consider attractive, and therefore – in our business – highly marketable. Continue reading

What do guys want – and get – from male escorts?

My escort name was Jake. If I wanted to know more about you, I’d tell you it was Jacob, off the bat. You can tell a lot from someone by the way they respond to a person’s name. Would they make fun of it, would they test it, or would they think it’s cute? Does it remind them of someone from their past and is that good or bad? After all, we’re in the business of pleasure and it’s bad for business to choose a name that your client may have negative associations with. Continue reading

First time with an escort: A male-to-male perspective

What do you do with a client who’s never been to an escort, or who might still be in the closet and looking for answers? The most important thing to remember is you are not a licensed clinician, so stay away from psychoanalyzing. But, if a client comes to you not knowing what to expect, consider what your first time was like, and be cognizant of what you’d want from a first time experience with an escort. Continue reading