11 solid reasons escorts should not provide the GFE

Becoming increasingly popular over the past several years, the GFE is the most frequently requested escort service. According to Kristen Davis, the Manhattan Madam who worked with high-profile clients including Eliot Spitzer and other politician types, the GFE “usually means that [the clients] want kissing and unprotected oral.” Davis went on to tell British GQ in 2009 that, “It’s code for paying for things a girlfriend would do with her boyfriend, such as foreplay, non-rushed sex and cuddling.” Continue reading

Pros and cons of offering specialty escort services

Many escorts start out in the industry providing general services to the client who wants a standard encounter. Some may expand their services to include the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or role playing, but those are fairly “vanilla” provisions. When an escort who specializes in basic encounters looks for new ways to generate income, it’s fairly common for her to consider expanding her offerings. Continue reading

The myth and reality of the girlfriend experience

GFE or “girlfriend experience” is a commonly used acronym in the escorting business. Many guys seek out escorts who provide this service exclusively and are uninterested in anything else. In my own experience, this does tend to be the most popular type of encounter. I’ve had clients who are after more of a PSE (porn star experience), but that tends to be considerably more rare. So first of all, what does the girlfriend experience involve exactly? Continue reading

What is GFE and how far does it go?

GFE stands for “girlfriend experience”, which means extra conversation, extra cuddling and kissing, and a chance of a bareback blowjob. The girlfriend experience is a common service provided by escorts all across the globe. An escort who performs as a girlfriend provides listening, affection, intimacy and emotional support that many clients lack in their personal lives. Continue reading