How to escort the powers that be

Cosmopolitan Magazine once ran a piece on how primary season in the US affects escort’s business in primary states. Big surprise, more clients.

Iowa escorts enjoyed the traffic spike last week too. Rachel*, 38, a Des Moines-based escort, said she woke up each morning last week with “five or six” calls from numbers she didn’t know — a rarity in a state not known for its tourism. “All week, I had excessive calls all the way up until 5 o’clock in the morning, because of the caucuses,” she said. Another Iowa escort named Kylie*, 31, said she noticed the same spike in calls from guys who were not her regulars. They were there for the caucuses, she said, and they were looking for company. Continue reading

Should escorts even worry about seduction?

It is easy enough to think of escorting as a pretty matter-of-fact transaction. The escort advertises her availability, the client spots the ad and gets in touch, a fee for time is worked out and the transaction is completed, often with more than a few consenting adult activities. Nothing complicated there.

“Of course you could run your escort business like that.” said Sylvie a twenty eight year old escort from a smaller city in the South, “but where is the fun in that? And where are the regulars?” Continue reading

17 common-sense dos and don’ts for exotic dancers at private parties

Adult service providers who work as exotic dancers may find opportunities to entertain clients at private parties. Birthdays, bachelor/stag events, going away celebrations and other activities may warrant some scantily clad eye candy for the party goers’ appreciation. But, working a private party is a lot different from doing a night at the club. Before you show up for a private gig, pay attention to these important tips so that you and your clients’ experiences are as great as possible. Continue reading

13 things escorts should know about men

Becoming an escort means that you should have a wealth of knowledge about a LOT of things, but especially the subject of men. And, while all men cannot be stereotyped into one little category with very precise descriptions, there are some basic statements that can be made that will apply to most of the gender. Continue reading

12 types of escorts you will meet

If you intend to have more than just one or two sessions with escorts in your life, then you will probably encounter a wide variety of escort types. There are a plethora of reasons that escorts get into the industry, and they have even more motivations for keeping the career.

Escorts are from different backgrounds and view their careers differently. Synching up your preferences with her type may make your experience much more successful. And, while there are limitless ways to categorize escorts, consider these as some of the most popular types:

  1. Material girl: The material girl escort is exactly as she sounds. She is highly motivated by money. She associates physical things of value with status and probably carries designer bags, wears imported shoes and flaunts labels whenever she can. This escort will namedrop, when appropriate, and always insists on the best — whatever she thinks it means. From hotel suites to wine, she isn’t satisfied unless it’s costly and seemingly associated with the rich and famous. She works for tips, high rates and gifts. Her goals are wealth and luxury. Clothing, accessories and jewelry are favorites. She strives to not only own a nice place to live, but it also must be located in the poshest of neighborhoods and be furnished with the most upscale items your money can buy. If you’re looking for an escort who knows her way in and out of the wealthy circles, she’s probably the one. But, if you want some simple time with an escort who is easy to please with common themes, you may want to keep looking for your match.
  2. Niche escort: The niche escort provides non-mainstream services or activities that most others will not. She may have some fetishes of her own. She may walk the wild side. Or, she may just be an ordinary woman who has elected to provide opportunities for clients who want something beyond standard encounters. Typically, niche escorts are a lot more open-minded, having seen and heard a lot of requests and non-typical behavior. However, they may have stricter rules and policies than other escorts. Because they perform a role that others do not, they have a monopoly on business, in a way, and can be much sterner with clients for not adhering to their guidelines. They have strong stances about respect, tardiness and scheduling. Their rates may be higher, because the bookings they provide are harder to come by and may cost more to prepare for. If you want a standard girlfriend experience, you shouldn’t seek out a niche escort. However, if you want a GFE that turns into sploshing fun, a niche escort might be exactly who you’re looking for.
  3. Rebel: The rebellious escort probably had all of the advantages handed to her, growing up, but chose to seek her own path of excitement. She grew tired of being expected to act or talk in such a boring or “respectful” manner — and, is even more put off by the concept that she should hold her reputation in such esteem and care what others think of her. She wants to be bad. A rebel desires a more crooked route to her life. She enjoys shocking others with her actions or language. And, even more, she revels in the idea that her family is appalled at her lifestyle. On the surface, she is capable of acting refined and well behaved. But, she enjoys getting down and nasty, talking dirty and being kinky. Clients who are looking for a good girl turned bad escort will find exactly who they are looking for with a rebel escort. But, if you’re mild-mannered or wish her to have more manners or care what you think, you should steer clear of this one.
  4. Hard-working, blue collar escort: This kind of an escort is likely very grounded and has a lot of common sense. Something sparked in her life that caused her desire more. Maybe she wants a better life for her children. Or, she just wants to move up, herself. She learned early on that she could build something beneficial and profitable by monetizing her good looks. She may be a former beauty queen or a Hooter’s waitress who realized that crowns and hot wings were for the other girls. She works hard for what she has, and she believes in providing good customer service and amazing client experiences through encounters. She won’t take any nonsense, but she’s good-hearted and willing to entertain all reasonable ideas for bookings. If you’re trying to find an escort who will treat you well without a lot of hype or games, this escort may be the one for you.
  5. Convert: She has moved up from her previous career as a prostitute to an escort. However, because she probably started on the streets, her mentality is a bit more ghetto. She is a little rough around the edges and may ask a LOT of questions about your identity, because she’s naturally a little suspicious of all clients. She’s extra cautious with her money and belongings and is ever aware (possibly paranoid) that the authorities could be watching. She may or may not be a clock watcher and is extremely concerned about the services provided, but not as much about the experience. While many converts are EXCELLENT escorts, some may lack the finesse that other high-end escorts do, as they were brought up in a different style of adult entertainment. She’s all about how she’s going to make her income and what her services are worth, so do NOT try to negotiate rates with her. Additionally, she is tough… so, don’t try to razz her. She is usually on the defensive and will cut you down in nothing flat. BUT — a convert is a great escort when you are pressed for time and care more about rolling in the hay than a sexy massage.
  6. Outsider: Some women always wanted to run in the elite social circles, but were unable to break through because of social barriers. They weren’t wealthy enough or had other restrictions that somehow prevented them from ever fitting in the way they wanted to. But, as an escort, they get to join a class of society that they were unable to be a part of. She learned she could buy into the “in club” with her good looks, charm and skill set. And, once she found a few clients in those circles, she was a shoe-in. She will use her influence and discretion to ensure she has a place from now on. Clients who want an escort who realizes the subtle nuances required to “fit in” or want to associate with someone who knows how to “fake it ’til you make it” will be happy with an outsider escort. Additionally, she has no friends or family in the circles you run in, except for associates through the industry, other clients and individuals she has fooled to get by with — so, she’s a sure bet to keep your trysts secret.
  7. Smart cookie: The smart cookie is just that: very intelligent. She is probably quite educated and has the abilities to establish an outstanding career in an industry of her choice. However, she saw the writing on the wall. She realized early on that there was a smarter way to make money than giving all of her time away to a corporation. From wanting the flexibility of her own schedule and not having to answer to a “boss”, this smart escort is making use of her talents and education to do great things for herself. She’s probably very business savvy and is a whiz at marketing. She is totally serious about her bottom line and knows what she has to do to make money. However, she may be inexperienced with her actual skills as an escort. For many clients, this isn’t a problem. As long as her personality and intelligence shines through, most clients find it appealing that she may be more innocent intimately than other escorts. She is a great match for clients who are equally intelligent and appreciate good conversation and witty banter.
  8. Accidental escort: Some escorts really don’t intend to join the industry – at least not for more than just a booking or two. It’s happened more than once where a young woman is propositioned with an opportunity that will introduce her into the career. Perhaps, an acquaintance suggests that she spend the night with him for a certain “reward”. Or, she may find herself in a financial hole and resound herself to working as an escort, just to crawl out of a difficult situation. But, once she has experienced the income potential and enjoyed a nice client or two, it’s challenging to step away from the job. Being an escort offers autonomy, great money and the opportunity to create your own business. So, some escorts didn’t fully intend to become providers; they just kind of fell into it. The benefits of these escorts are that they are not so seasoned in the field that their attitudes are tainted, nor are they long-term escorts who have been so far around the block they are worn out. Most of these escorts have a huge appreciation for what their position offers them, and they are willing to be the best that they can be for clients.
  9. Part-timer: Many escorts just do the gigs for extra income. They are part-time escorts and maintain a more “traditional” job elsewhere. They only take on a few clients weekly/monthly, and the income they make is usually extra, either to fill in the gaps where their full-time job doesn’t or to pay for extras their family needs. They work only on the weekends, evenings or specifically on other days they have off. Their availability is limited, both for booking times and communication. As a client, you are going to have to be flexible — or your schedule must fit with theirs. There will be no exceptions, resulting in it being difficult to succeed with a booking. You may need to schedule considerably ahead of time to ensure an encounter. And, if you score a spot on her client list, you should probably secure a regular spot on her calendar if you hope to see her frequently.
  10. Seductress: Some escorts started out as the “other woman”. They may have been seeing married men since they were old enough to date and learned what it took to uphold a discreet lifestyle. After being passed over for the “wife” several times, they may have decided that they can actually make a career out of being the seductress in a relationship. These escorts are typically irresistible. They have an allure about them that will make even the most loyal man consider straying. They know how to draw a client out and give him a special encounter, unlike anything he experiences with his wife or partner. However, this escort is entirely aware that while there are no strings attached, she will maintain a hold on her clients through her power over them. She banks on that to bring them back for more — giving and taking as it pleases her. Actually, some escorts who are seductresses sometimes see it as a game. She may play with your emotions and tease you along the way. If nothing else, it gets a client’s motor revving and is always exciting.
  11. Sugar baby: The kept woman, sometimes called a sugar baby, often becomes an escort after she discovers that her power over a man can get her many material possessions, including room and board. It’s definitely an incentive to any woman to be supplied with money to live on, a place to live and other nice “bonuses”. Sugar babies are usually taken in by older, wealthy gentlemen who want to keep fresh, young women all to themselves, while still maintaining their “respectable” lives in the eyes of society. But, many sugar babies decide that if they can do it for one guy, they can perform the same services for several clients. Becoming an escort is just a natural step for many sugar babies — especially if the relationship fails or comes to an end. Advantages of a sugar baby are that they are there whenever you need/want them… as long as you keep supplying the money.
  12. Entrepreneur: The entrepreneurial escort is working toward an overall goal of having her own business. Whether she is striving to own her own escort agency or wants to open another type of business, her proceeds will go toward her efforts for her endeavor. Her bottom line is essential to her and she is incredibly focused on her future. She may ask for advice or opinions along the way, especially from clients who are successful business owners or financial wizards. She has established benchmarks and accomplishments she needs to conquer as she works her way up. She is no slouch and will work hard for what she wants — including giving you a great encounter. But have no doubt: she will hope she can utilize your connections when the time comes to open her new venture.

The escort’s guide to role play

Many humans have particular desires in and out of the bedroom. These can range from mild experimentation all the way through to psycho-sexual scripts of daunting complexity. Somewhere between being tickled with a feather and building a full scale dungeon, most escorts are asked to assume a role and indulge in a little kink. Continue reading