10 reasons why you thought “I’d never do THAT for a living”

Many people have applied multiple reasons in their heads as to why they would never explore the world of being an adult service provider. But, when these excuses/reasons are dismantled, it’s pretty obvious that they really don’t apply—at all! They were probably some of the same things you told yourself, too, before taking up the career, too! Take a look at the top 10 reasons you thought you’d never be an escort: Continue reading

Escorts gone retro: Taking a step back in time

Today, smart phones, tablets, laptops, the Internet and digital cameras are escorts’ standard tools for marketing, communicating, screening — and everything else. However, as the world gets faster and faster paced, more people dream of an opportunity to step backward, enjoy a few moments of downtime, where electronic devices don’t tell us where to go or who to see. They want a simpler time, where they can pretend to be living in a different, less complicated era. And in wishing so, they create opportunities for old-fashioned escorts. Continue reading

Does religion shoot itself in the foot by condemning sex and escorts?

Anti-prostitution activists cite many reasons that prostitution and escorting should be outlawed, often with many of their arguments fueled by quotations from the Bible or other religious texts. They fling judgment at sex workers through their interpretations that the Bible condemned women who sold their company with men, often mistaking the true intent of the context. Zealots are quick to place blame on women who “seduce and lure” innocent men into their “lusty lairs”, failing to realize that they defy their own gods, who made sex the ultimate driving force of history. Continue reading

5 inventions that made life easier for escorts

When asked to name the top 10 inventions of the modern era, many people mention technology that makes day-to-day life more pleasant: televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, automobiles, etc. These are items that most people have used or owned in their everyday lives. Similarly, there are some inventions that make escorting much easier and convenient than ever before. Here are the top 5 inventions that make escorting easier: Continue reading

La Traviata means “the fallen woman”

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman where a glorious, red-gowned, bejeweled-necked escort, Vivian, is so moved by her first opera that she bursts out in tears and an applauding fit? Well, appropriately enough, that opera was La Traviata, aka The Fallen Woman, aka The Woman Who Goes Astray. Its central character, Violetta, is a courtesan who falls in love with a wealthy man. Score five for director Gary Marshall. Good job, buddy. Continue reading