12 false lessons about escorts taught by the movies and TV

It’s impossible to learn anything by watching fiction. The escort industry, featured in a good deal of movies or television shows with the over-dramatized, fictional characters, is not an exception. The thing is, though, that most people have no chance of knowing what and how exactly is misrepresented by the mass entertainment machine. To counter that, let’s examine the following 12 myths: Continue reading

10 Hollywood stars you won’t believe used to escort

Everyone seems to have skeletons in their closets. Scandals about adultery, prostitution, racketeering, blackmail and extortion are abound in the media. Although, it seems that some people’s histories and previous scandals are forgotten after they hit it big on the Silver Screen, if you do enough research, it’s easy enough to find evidence of the rumors that have basis in truth. Additionally, tell-all biographies published many years afterward often reveal truths about lifestyles that publicists worked very hard to keep hidden. Continue reading

Escorting: the other side of Hollywood

Every year, thousands of men and women migrate to Hollywood with hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry or in anticipation of becoming supermodels. They are not discouraged by the very low ratio of stellar jobs to the number of beautiful people, which makes it impossible for everyone to achieve their goals. Continue reading

Escorts on the screen

I think we’re always responsible for our actions. We’re free. I raise my hand—I’m responsible. I turn my head to the right—I’m responsible. I’m unhappy—I’m responsible. I smoke a cigarette—I’m responsible. I shut my eyes—I’m responsible. I forget that I’m responsible, but I am… Men are men. And life… is life.
—Nana in Vivre Sa Vie Continue reading

Transgender escorts for Eddie Murphy

Chances are when you think of Eddie Murphy nowadays it’s primarily for his family-friendly films like the Shrek series, Dr. Doolittle and The Nutty Professor. Oh, and a fabulous turn to the dramatic in Dreamgirls. But those films, and many others, may have been part of a calculated move to steer Murphy’s public profile back into one that would help solidify his wanting to be seen as a loyal husband and devoted father, a reputation that was questioned in 1997 after an instance involving an SUV, Santa Monica Boulevard and a transvestite escort with a long rap sheet. Continue reading

Heidi Fleiss – Hollywood madam

It’s like something out of an episode of CSI. Four prostitutes working under Madam Heidi Fleiss go to a hotel room to meet four Chinese businessmen. The bag of coke they were asked to bring with them comes out, they talk for a bit, porn lights the room from the television. Each woman is specifically asked to have sex by one of the men, and as soon as they’ve all verbally agreed, dozens of policemen come out from the next room where they’ve been hiding and break up the party. Continue reading