13 simple reasons for escorts to stay away from budget hotels

Even though a budget hotel with its nightly rate of less than $50 is nice on the pocketbook, telling your client to meet you at the Super 8 doesn’t do much to upscale your image. Many budget hotels are disguising themselves as affordable luxury or other such hype as they market themselves — but when it comes down to it, they are still winning only by offering the lowest level of service. Continue reading

How to make a hotel room as comfortable as your incall

When you’re touring or in between incalls, a hotel room may serve as your home base. Escorts regularly entertain clients during encounters from hotel rooms, but it may never quite feel comfortable. Clients enjoy seeing escorts in their incalls because it seems like they’re visiting a mistress at her home. And, while a hotel can be fun for a quick tryst, some clients are looking for something more. Additionally, as an escort, you may wind up spending a considerable amount of time at your hotel, between encounters and while scheduling clients for future visits. Continue reading

Secrets of a great escort incall

Providing a great incall location for clients is imperative to the success of any decent escort, and every good escort should know the secrets to great incalls. Not only must an incall location be discreet and convenient, but it must also be personalized, clean, tidy, and safe. Use these tips and suggestions to create your perfect incall: Continue reading

Choosing an escort incall location: Pros and cons of a hotel room and an apartment

Depending on how you’ve set up your escorting business, you may be the one footing the bill as to where you meet clients. Many escorts prefer to make the client take care of the location, whether it’s a hotel room or private residence. Others prefer to have the client come to them. Here are some considerations when deciding if renting an apartment Continue reading

10 steps to a safer outcall for escorts

Any escort that provides out-call services has a checklist of do’s and don’ts that he or she goes through when booking an appointment. Some of the items on the checklist are to ensure personal safety of an escort, others guard against arrest and some simply save an escort’s time. While the checklist may contain many items, here are a few basic ones to remember when booking out-call appointments: Continue reading