11 ways to beat an escort’s memory blur

Every client, even if not a regular, wants to be fondly remembered by his favorite escort. But clients have to realize that escorts not only see, but communicate with hundreds of potential clients per month, of whom only a small percentage actually book an encounter and show up. It can be unbelievably difficult to keep all of them straight… especially when some clients aren’t fully forthcoming with their details. Continue reading

12 easy ways for an escort to massively impress a client

Escorts are accustomed to trying to make the best first impressions they can with potential and actual clients alike. From the moment that a prospective client pulls up an escort’s profile, she is attempting to draw him in with her best attributes, personality and appearance. However, many escorts seem to forget it’s the little things that can sometimes make the biggest differences. Continue reading

12 simple hints to help you impress your escort

Clients normally want to make a good first impression with an escort, but, often, they fail to put their best feet forward when showing up for that initial encounter. Escorts see a little bit of everything, so it’s difficult to completely offend them. However, some clients succeed in really putting them off and making them dread time scheduled for encounters with difficult or unpleasant clients. With just a little self-reflection and efforts to be on best behavior, nearly any client can accomplish pulling off a good first impression. Continue reading