Have whip, will travel: Domme dating #1

Adult service providers have a wide variety of specialties ranging from straight massages without a happy ending all the way through to multi girl travel dates. Activities between consenting adults covers a huge range and any girl who has been in the business for a few months will have her own stories to tell about strange requests and odd fetishes. Some escorts cater to their clients desires, others do not, but some girls make an excellent living doing nothing but domme work. Continue reading

Pros and cons of permanent and temp escort incalls

Escorts regularly bat back and forth the benefits and disadvantages of committing to a permanent incall location or utilizing temporary ones for encounters. It’s a personal decision that should be based on your current situation and number/types of clients. However, you should carefully review the pros and cons before making any rah judgments that may change how you do business regularly. Analyze your method of escorting prior to changing the process. Here are the top high and low points to incall situations: Continue reading

11 essential furniture items for an escort’s incall

While you can pretty much run on the fly to your outcall appointments, as long as you have a “go-to” bag full of basic necessities, it takes much more than that to adequately equip an upscale, functional incall bedroom for clients. In addition to all of the supplies you have to provide for your clients (such as lube and condoms), you must also present a comfortable, mood-appropriate environment to get cozy in. Continue reading

How to make a hotel room as comfortable as your incall

When you’re touring or in between incalls, a hotel room may serve as your home base. Escorts regularly entertain clients during encounters from hotel rooms, but it may never quite feel comfortable. Clients enjoy seeing escorts in their incalls because it seems like they’re visiting a mistress at her home. And, while a hotel can be fun for a quick tryst, some clients are looking for something more. Additionally, as an escort, you may wind up spending a considerable amount of time at your hotel, between encounters and while scheduling clients for future visits. Continue reading