13 differences to expect when you switch careers from an agency-based to an independent escort

You’re excited and finally free! No more pandering to the escort agency owner or accepting  bookings you shudder to think of. Moving to an independent escorting career is empowering and something to be proud of. However, without proper planning and real expectations, your endeavor may be quite a slap in the face. Continue reading

15 reasons for escorts to be proud

Working as an escort within a society that stigmatizes the profession, it can be especially trying to maintain high self esteem and pride in oneself. However, escorts have a lot to be proud of. All women deserve to experience the confidence gained from self satisfaction with their careers and lifestyles. Escorts are no different. In fact, escorts have a particular set of behaviors that place them apart and establishes foundations for honor in various areas throughout life. Continue reading

Escorts who are “better than all this”

What escort hasn’t heard from some client with a heart of gold that he or she is “better than all of this?” Too good to be selling themselves this way. They don’t belong doing this. Most escorts have heard these statements at some point in their careers, but when they examine their lives, it looks like they really do have it pretty good. Continue reading