13 reasons you may never stop escorting

Becoming accustomed to being an escort may have been a hard pill to swallow. Leading a secret life, allowing strangers to touch you intimately and taking safety risks with each client you meet are difficult things to do in the beginning. However, after awhile, you have become a pro within the industry. Your screening skills are top-notch, your abilities to “read” clients are spot-on and you are very good at what you do during an encounter… and you like it. Continue reading

Escort feud: What to do when another escort causes problems

Jealousy, competition and lean times can contribute to hostility and bullying in any kind of business environment, but the escort industry is a very likely place for a feud to occur. Escorts often compare their successes (and failures) with those of other escorts in their markets, which creates feelings of animosity and envy. These emotions rarely cause an escort to act out against another, but it does happen. And, when it does, it can create real problems for the targeted escort. Continue reading