Why did Backpage.com remove their adult content ads?

On Monday January 9th, in response to the release of a report by the US Senate on the activities of Backpage.com, Backpage’s adult classified ads section now just directs you to a page with a “censored” label on it:

Clicking on the main “Find out why” link on the ‘censored’ page, leads you here, where Backpage.com proclaims that they have been censored by the US government and have been forced to shut down their adult classified section. However, is this what actually happened? Continue reading

Here’s why no decent escort will respond to your blunt correspondence

Maybe you’re busy. Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking. Other occasions catch you at a loss for words. Regardless of your reasons for leaving a blunt, overly direct message for an escort, it may have impacts that you don’t anticipate. Experienced escorts use your correspondence with them as a way to get a feel for you prior to even scheduling an encounter. Continue reading

Do escorts have freedom of speech?

The U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1791, grants many rights and privileges to its citizens, including the right to express one’s opinions and thoughts freely. The founding fathers had fought bravely against opposition from England in order to replace foreign tyranny with its domestic variety. They fought well, and today tyranny is alive and well in the so-called “free world”. There is hardly anyone as aware of this fact as escorts and everyone else in the adult entertainment industry. Continue reading

Myths about escorting and the law

The law sometimes seems like a very vague concept, especially when myths are rumored to be true that help confuse matters. Escorts, while their careers are within the legal confines of the law, must be careful which myths they choose to believe in order to protect themselves, just the same. It’s best to be informed in order to avoid any conflicts that may arise due to misunderstandings of the law. Continue reading

The fine legal line between escort and prostitute: some strategies for an escort to stay out of trouble

There are many benefits to taking employment as an escort: the pay is often lucrative and can be handled in cash, the hours are flexible, and the social nature of the job trends towards potentially interesting and exciting work. But the profession also carries a degree of danger, as the legal line between “escort” and “prostitute” can be easily and accidentally crossed. Continue reading