13 ways to fall off the vice squad radar

All you have to do is pay attention to the news to discover that squads across the United States are cracking down on everyone with a pulse, including escorts. While some are investigating human trafficking rings, other vice squads are simply out to make arrests, regardless of the true offense. If your local vice squad or adult entertainment task force is actively seeking area “criminals”, you should do what you can to avoid attracting their attention. Even though you are providing legal services to clients, your best bet is to continue to fly under their radar and live as discreetly as possible. Continue reading

Myths about escorting and the law

The law sometimes seems like a very vague concept, especially when myths are rumored to be true that help confuse matters. Escorts, while their careers are within the legal confines of the law, must be careful which myths they choose to believe in order to protect themselves, just the same. It’s best to be informed in order to avoid any conflicts that may arise due to misunderstandings of the law. Continue reading