Why did Backpage.com remove their adult content ads?

On Monday January 9th, in response to the release of a report by the US Senate on the activities of Backpage.com, Backpage’s adult classified ads section now just directs you to a page with a “censored” label on it:

Clicking on the main “Find out why” link on the ‘censored’ page, leads you here, where Backpage.com proclaims that they have been censored by the US government and have been forced to shut down their adult classified section. However, is this what actually happened? Continue reading

How the subtle differences between explicit and implicit marketing may keep escorts out of trouble

When you visit any typical escort mall (or directory), it’s common to see escorts’ ads promising everything from companionship and “full service” to great conversation and “unbelievable sex”. Many of these escorts who are blatantly advertising they are willing to have sex or engage in other sexual acts with their clients are breaking prostitution laws and could be arrested based on their advertising efforts. Continue reading

Nebraska prostitution law

Nebraska legislators have kept things fairly simple when writing their laws prohibiting prostitution. Three main categories define prostitution-related crimes, in addition to the offense of prostitution, itself. Ranging in fines that start at $250 to 5 years in prison, the sentences for prostitution and related crimes are significant. Continue reading

Prostitution laws in Virginia

In Virginia, prostitution and related crimes are strictly prohibited by several statutes that define various parts of the law. Included in the statutes are prohibitions against prostitution and solicitation, unlawful status for residence in bawdy places, illegality of aiding prostitution, committing compulsion and testing for HIV and hepatitis C.

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Oregon prostitution law

Oregon, nicknamed the Beaver State, divides its laws prohibiting prostitution and related crimes into three separate distinctions. The three divisions are: prostitution, promotion and compulsion. Offenses in Oregon are taken very seriously with potential fines being high and imprisonment sentences being lengthy.

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