15 ways adult entertainers’ work spills into their “real” lives

As an adult industry actor, you assume that there is no way ever that your professional life will cross over into your personal one. Obviously, what you do as a services provider is much, much different than your role as a wife, mother or daughter, right? That’s pretty true, but certain aspects of your life do cross over and affect your day-to-day life. Consider the following ways that your career impacts your “real” life: Continue reading

5 things only escorts will understand

Like with most things, there are certainly some unique perks and downsides to the escorting business. From dry office humor to crude construction site banter, we tend to get more laughs out of our work when we congregate with others like ourselves. Birds of a feather flock together, as the old saying goes. Continue reading

13 life milestones that will send a client into an escort’s arms

Within the industry, it is a commonly accepted fact that certain aspects of life will cause an individual to seek the company of an escort. Being lonely, depressed or feeling unappreciated are obvious emotional issues that might send anyone to the phone to set up an encounter. However, in addition to a feeling of loneliness (for example), there are certain life events that may drive an impulse for some attention from a beautiful woman. Continue reading

10 crazy things that escorts don’t expect to happen

It is often said that fact is stranger than fiction, and escorts can attest to that because of what they’ve seen and experienced through working in the industry. Oddball antics, off-the-wall requests and ridiculous comments are commonplace for an escort as she works with clients to book them for encounters. Her communications with clients run the gamut from funny to disheartening, but she continues to move forward, usually thinking that nothing can surprise her in her work. Continue reading

Which 15 practices can help escorts stay fit for a busy work schedule?

It’s common for escorts to work crazy hours in order to meet the demands of clients. Not only will they work long days in order to make encounters happen, but they may work late-night or all-night bookings for client satisfaction. By working an irregular schedule that affects sleep patterns, you let your hectic habits take a serious toll on your body and mind. Continue reading

10 simple steps out of a victim’s mindset for escorts and anyone else

Escorts are victimized in many ways through their careers. Violent and abusive clients hurt and murder escorts. Law enforcement officials arrest escorts for presumed illegal activities, while ignoring the actions of their clients. The media judges and stereotypes escorts and those involved in the sex work industry every day through sensationalized accounts and extreme examples. And society has created a stigma that has made it acceptable to degrade, vilify, pity and discriminate against escorts. People who work in the escort industry are subjected to these standards all of the time. The good news is that they don’t have to be. Continue reading