How to stay nice while attending to your escort business

One of the misnomers about becoming a successful escort is that you must put up a tough image, as emotions and personal involvement have no place in the industry. However, much to the contrary, what many clients are actually looking for is  compassion, empathy, listening, and kindness, which are lacking in their daily lives. However, it is true that when you work in the business, keeping a stiff upper lip is necessary Continue reading

12 things an escort should never allow their clients to do

Escorts put up with a lot from clients. Sarcasm, insults, indirectly rude comments, ignorant stereotyping and generally unpleasant attitudes top the list, among other actions that leave escorts feeling negatively toward the men they provide services for. However, seasoned escorts know that while they have to put up with some things from their clients (such as occasional bad attitudes and routine insensitivity), they don’t have to tolerate other behaviors that are truly inexcusable. Continue reading