The icon: The model cum escort

Continuing our series on “not your typical escort” we ran across a girl, a remarkably beautiful girl, who works with the name “Constance”. We wanted to speak to her because her ad, her pictures and her rates were eye popping.

Before we were able to contact her we realized, as we scoured the internet, that Constance had a huge internet presence. A website, a Twitter account, an innocent but nicely naughty Facebook page. Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ all featured her pictures.

That internet presence barely hinted that Constance was an escort. It was much more about photography and modelling. But, as we dug deeper it was apparent Constance also had a presence on a number of escort advertising websites. Continue reading

An escort’s guide to corsets

Your great-grandmother knew what she was about. Ladies undergarments of the Victorian and Edwardian era were not only beautiful, they were extravagant, ornate and highly crafted. The time of 1890-1910 was known as the “frills” era in lingerie, as it was beginning to be called, and featured lace, ribbons, ruffles, embroidery, appliqués and all manner of decoration and detailing. Gorgeous fabrics like silk and satin were used for items such as camisoles, crinolines, petticoats, chemises and, of course, the corset.
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How to be the feminine escort

There are many theories about why men hire escorts. They range from the “relief of unbearable urges” all the way through loneliness or sexual neglect at home and on over to kinky desires. Whatever the rationale, men do hire escorts and for the escort, the why is not the most important part of this business equation. She is more interested in translating this into things she can do to make sure men visit her in particular. Continue reading

Retro glamour for the modern escort

Reading the escort review sites it seems pretty clear that the escort experience is seen by the hobbyist is pretty one dimensional. And there is nothing wrong with that. But for the ambitious escort and escorts who want to work less for more, taking the experience to the next level, adding some seduction and some fun can create an escort experience which completely redefines the client’s expectations. Continue reading

Beyond wine and roses: What gifts do clients offer their escorts?

While many clients abide by the one simple rule of paying an escort up front, others go above and beyond by bringing an extra treat for her. Most escorts are excited to get gifts from clients—as long as those are well thought out and suit their personalities and tastes. However, many clients arrive with presents that don’t quite hit the “mark”, leaving an escort wondering why she was blessed with such a random item. Continue reading

Master the gentle art of escort uniform to rock your clients’ socks off

When you are preparing for an encounter, one of the most difficult decisions for a new escort is what to wear. Clients may ask for the sexiest, sluttiest outfit possible, expecting for you to traipse across town in it to meet up with them for an outcall, not realizing that anyone you meet will automatically label you a hooker. Continue reading