Does an escort have to look like Barbie to be successful?

Growing up, too many children have their imagination and the notion of what’s normal brutally violated by the Barbie doll — the epitome of pseudo-reality imagineered by Hasbro, Disney, Coca-Cola other major advertisers of pseudo-reality. Blonde hair, glass-smooth skin, perky boobs, small waist and endless legs. While some women do kind of fit this mold, the vast majority of healthy, normal human beings do not even begin to come close to resembling this image of fantasized perfection. Continue reading

How do escorts dress? 12 escort dress code tips

While there is no particular uniform that escorts should wear when seeing clients, there is a dress code of sorts that applies to high-end professionals. Escorts rely on their image (and their looks) in order to be successful. If an escort doesn’t dress to impress and fit her image, she is likely to never reach the level of success she desires Continue reading

Escorts must keep appearances

High-end escorts are expected to keep up their appearances in order to appeal to clients and maintain a successful client list. While one can argue that it’s not one’s personal beauty that makes a woman special, it is imperative for an escort to maintain her appearance in order to continue to attract clients for a successful business. Men hire escorts many times based only on their attractiveness. Continue reading