The luxury approach to escorting

There are plenty of escorts out there who promise to pamper, to be luxurious, to spoil their clients. After all, booking an escort is a luxury purchase and in a competitive market some escorts will try to cater to that end of the market.

At the same time we were amazed to see an escort ad which really sounded more like an ad for a high end spa than a roll in designer sheets.

We wanted to find out more and reached out to “Juliana” through her very attractive website. A website which looks, for all the world, like a modernist piece of art. All pale, beautifully faded pastel colors. Continue reading

The escort session as a luxury item

In The Economist article, one escort explained that for most of her clients, hiring an escort was “a luxury”. Which, when you stop and think about it, is certainly true. However, working through the idea of an escort encounter being a luxury item has some significant implications for escorts. Continue reading