How to make time for being an escort (or another type of ASP)?

If you’re new to the adult service industry, you are probably trying to figure out the best way to fit the new occupation into your lifestyle. This might be hard. Unless you’re accustomed to shift work already, society pretty much trains most of us to wake in the morning, work during the day and sleep at night. But, when you are trying to become an adult services provider, that schedule may not quite coincide with the times you will need to work in order to acquire clients and meet their availability. Consider these tips as you attempt to make time to be an adult services provider: Continue reading

13 things you didn’t know about yourself until you became an escort

It’s certainly not every little girl’s dream to become an escort or web cam performer when she grows up. But, when the reality sets in and you find yourself absorbed into the industry as a successful adult entertainment services provider, you realize a number of things you probably take for granted about the career that weren’t even on your radar previously. Consider these things you didn’t even think about before: Continue reading

What does this escort do with her money?

There are some elite escorts who make $2,000 an hour and up. Many others are able to command $200 to $400 an hour for their services. Some of these girls are the classic «low volume providers». They don’t work much—they leisurely hustle; but they do work smart—they have both money and time. On the other hand, there are escorts who work five or six days a week and see four or five clients a day and charge a paltry sum. They have neither time nor money. Why? And, more importantly, how can a girl avoid this unhappy state of affairs? Continue reading

Tips for escorts on how to handle surprise clients

Having a permanent incall can be pretty convenient. Keeping all of your escorting-related supplies and clothing in one place can help prevent others from finding out about your secret career, and you can stash personal items there that help you pass the time between scheduled encounters. However, when you invite clients to one location, repeatedly, they learn where to find you, even when you don’t answer their calls. Continue reading

Productive off-time for the ambitious escort

Ah, what in the world to do? An escort, even a busy one, will find herself with time on her hands. You can structure your business to be busier and thus more lucrative, but lets face it, it just isn’t a twelve hour day any way you cut it. What you do in your spare time is a choice of course. But you can either waste it or work it to your advantage Continue reading