13 things escorts do that annoy customers

We already looked at the things clients do that annoy escorts. Now let’s be fair and
look out of the mirror.

Escorts may have extremely long lists of things that typically annoy them about their clients, including deal-breaker behaviors that will cause them to block a particular one. However, clients also have pet peeves when it comes to escorts. Being able to understand behaviors that turn off clients is essential to being able to maintain a good relationship with them and retain a strong client list. You might be surprised which traits you are guilty of and get some ideas about things you need to work on. Beware of the following things escorts do to annoy their clients: Continue reading

Become a good client of your escort in 8 steps and a memorable one — in 7

Successful escorts see many clients each year, and it’s often difficult to remember all of them. Clients who are simply “nice” and don’t do anything to stand out beyond the norm may be remembered for being good clients, but they are not usually unforgettable. Some clients are impossible to forget due to negative experiences associated with them, and no client should ever model his behavior after this in an attempt to be remembered by an escort. Continue reading