How can escorts dodge their clients’ partners?

Anytime that you are working with clients who may not be exactly living the single lifestyle, you run the risk of encountering a jealous partner. Significant others may be lying in wait, trying to catch their loved one in less-than-honorable situations. Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time may put you right in the middle of a very undesirable predicament. Continue reading

10 reasons why escorts are no threat to wives

The traditional scene is repeated over and over in households across America. The husband arrives home late. The wife is angry. There’s a fight. He comes up with a lame excuse, she doesn’t believe him, but can’t prove anything. She thinks, but has no evidence to confirm, that he is seeing “another woman”. He is, but won’t admit it. The wife starts looking for signs and, eventually, finds them. He’s caught. His wife has found the proof that he is seeing another woman. Now what? Continue reading

13 life milestones that will send a client into an escort’s arms

Within the industry, it is a commonly accepted fact that certain aspects of life will cause an individual to seek the company of an escort. Being lonely, depressed or feeling unappreciated are obvious emotional issues that might send anyone to the phone to set up an encounter. However, in addition to a feeling of loneliness (for example), there are certain life events that may drive an impulse for some attention from a beautiful woman. Continue reading

12 reasons why escorts should only book married clients

Many escorts implement strict rules or policies that stipulate the type of clients they accept for bookings. Some base their qualifications on age, income or race. Even if clients think that escorts are being unfairly judgmental to exclude them based on these criteria, it’s an escort’s prerogative to decline any client she wants to for any reason. She’s the one providing services, and she gets to decide whom she spends her time with. As escorts brainstorm qualifications for their clients, one to seriously consider is their marital status. Continue reading

10 ways escorts ruin dating the average woman

You feel as though you are the only important man in the world. She makes you feel like an expert on all subjects you discuss. She never tells you that you’re wrong or makes you feel as though you should’ve acted differently. What you have to say is always important, and she loves the way you dress and smell. That’s when “she” is an escort. Continue reading