La Traviata means “the fallen woman”

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman where a glorious, red-gowned, bejeweled-necked escort, Vivian, is so moved by her first opera that she bursts out in tears and an applauding fit? Well, appropriately enough, that opera was La Traviata, aka The Fallen Woman, aka The Woman Who Goes Astray. Its central character, Violetta, is a courtesan who falls in love with a wealthy man. Score five for director Gary Marshall. Good job, buddy. Continue reading

Music to make love to

When it comes to creating a list of music to make love to, the selection of artists and songs are subjective at best. Not everyone is turned-on by the same instruments, moods and lyrics an even between the couple there will be disagreements of what CD to put in the player at any one time. Below is a list of ten albums that might get you and your lover on your way. Continue reading