Overwhelming success: 13 steps to making it as an overweight escort

It’s pretty common knowledge that the majority of escorts are slim, fit and have a lower-than-average BMI. But they are not the only ones achieving success in adult entertainment. Because sexual appetites desire all shapes, sizes and colors of providers, those who are bigger boned or more voluptuous have an equal chance of thriving in the business. BBW escorts should realize, though, they have a unique set of challenges they may face when they enter the industry. Follow these tips and you’ll have higher chances of creating a top-notch career: Continue reading

Fetish girl: The art of edgy escorting

We’ve written about fetish and role play escorting before. It is an endless topic simply because the sheer range of client fetishes is so extreme. At the same time, with the increasing availability of fetish material online, in ebooks and in reports in mainstream media, more and more escorts are adding fetish work to their existing escorting businesses. Continue reading

14 things that niche escorts need to know

When you choose to offer escort services that are not the traditional girlfriend experience or general companion provisions, you’re really sticking your neck out there. Even if you believe that you know your niche inside and out, there are certain things you need to know about being a niche escort: Continue reading

What can you do when your escort niche no longer works for you?

Depending on how long you’ve been escorting, it’s possible that industry trends and your image have both evolved with time. Some escorts are able to continue providing services to the same demographic of clients throughout their entire careers. However, others, especially those who work in the industry for most of their professional lives, may discover that their previous niche or target market isn’t producing the kind of results it once did. Continue reading