9 bulletproof incentives that escorts can offer their customers

According to Inc.com, over 65% of marketers implement some sort of loyalty programs to entice consumers. The general public has been trained to expect perks and benefits when they make any kind of purchase, large or small. And, as the amounts they spend increase, they expect the privileges to, as well.

To compete in this sort of market, an adult service provider has to be willing to adapt their marketing in a way that allows their clients to feel special, to feel like each of them has been elevated to the preferred customer status. Incentives are a great way to do this. Continue reading

Pros and cons of offering threesomes with another escort

While each escort has to feel out on her own whether working with another escort is for her, there are various considerations that make it potentially both a good or bad idea. Some escorts simply loathe the idea of providing threesome-type services, so the option is not even one up for debate. However, if you’re wondering about this type of option, review the following benefits and disadvantages. Of course, each escort will have her own experiences that may or may not coincide with these examples, but they provide a fairly broad view of the opportunity. Continue reading