How to escort the powers that be

Cosmopolitan Magazine once ran a piece on how primary season in the US affects escort’s business in primary states. Big surprise, more clients.

Iowa escorts enjoyed the traffic spike last week too. Rachel*, 38, a Des Moines-based escort, said she woke up each morning last week with “five or six” calls from numbers she didn’t know — a rarity in a state not known for its tourism. “All week, I had excessive calls all the way up until 5 o’clock in the morning, because of the caucuses,” she said. Another Iowa escort named Kylie*, 31, said she noticed the same spike in calls from guys who were not her regulars. They were there for the caucuses, she said, and they were looking for company. Continue reading

13 valuable things that activists do for the escort industry

Just like in any field of business, the escort industry benefits from the efforts of dedicated, loyal activists who advocate for the interests of adult industry workers. Many of these activists work with established organizations with boards and long lists of members. However, some supporters put their efforts out independently, choosing to work alone, instead of being directly associated with others. These activists have significant impacts on the escort industry, providing progress for and awareness of issues of special concern to escorts and others involved in the industry. Continue reading

Georgina Beyer: Tranny sex worker MP

In the United States politics, escorting and prostitution rarely go hand in hand. Usually they’re only put in the same sentence when one of our elected officials gets busted with writing a check to a brothel or cheating on his wife with an extremely attractive professional escort. Our politics are not generous to women in general compared with other countries Continue reading

Barney Frank: Escort scandal no threat to a decent politician

We live in a time when marijuana remains illegal, Planned Parenthood and NPR are denied federal funding and homosexual couples cannot marry. Luckily for social liberals and those who staunchly support the Constitution of the United States, we have Barney Frank, who represents the 4th district of Massachusetts in the U.S. House of Representatives. Continue reading