12 little known on-the-job escort injuries and how to avoid them

When one-third of adults suffer a sex injury each year, it’s really no surprise that escorts frequently suffer from some sort of job-related sex-induced issue. This is to be expected when delicate tissues collide with repetitive motions, unnatural positions, and passion. Add to that the fact that the body releases an increased number of endorphins during arousal, so pain is naturally suppressed. However, the next day (or even in an hour or two), when the endorphins are gone, the pain comes out. Continue reading

How the subtle differences between explicit and implicit marketing may keep escorts out of trouble

When you visit any typical escort mall (or directory), it’s common to see escorts’ ads promising everything from companionship and “full service” to great conversation and “unbelievable sex”. Many of these escorts who are blatantly advertising they are willing to have sex or engage in other sexual acts with their clients are breaking prostitution laws and could be arrested based on their advertising efforts. Continue reading

10 marketing blunders that reveal an escort’s inexperience – and how to avoid them

There’s no shame in being inexperienced when starting your career in the escort industry just as there is no need to demonstrate your novice status through blatant marketing errors. Prospective clients who are accustomed to booking encounters can read through your blunders and determine you are a newbie. As a result, they may book you just to attempt to get special privileges or push boundaries that experienced escorts do not allow. Or they may pass you by, choosing to look for a better established escort. Continue reading

Myths about escorting and the law

The law sometimes seems like a very vague concept, especially when myths are rumored to be true that help confuse matters. Escorts, while their careers are within the legal confines of the law, must be careful which myths they choose to believe in order to protect themselves, just the same. It’s best to be informed in order to avoid any conflicts that may arise due to misunderstandings of the law. Continue reading

What to do when a client does the old “bait & switch”

Typically, clients call escorts to set up encounters for themselves, explaining who they are and providing other vital information the escort uses to screen them. However, from time to time, an escort will get a call from a prospective client to set up an encounter, with an entirely different client showing up.

Why would a client bait and switch? Some expect to be turned away based on their accents, foreign origins or backgrounds. Some are such high-profile celebrities (or they think they are) they may be attempting to protect their privacy. In both scenarios they get acquaintances to call an escort for them. When a different person shows up for a session, they think it’s no big deal or attempt to sway their escorts with smooth excuses and charm.

Escorts are under no obligations to accept deceptive dates. When an escort is duped into accepting a booking from a client who really isn’t, there are several actions she can take:

  • Refuse to follow through with the encounter on the spot. Inform the client who shows up at your door (or who opens the door at the outcall) that you do not like being lied to and will not accept it as behavior you’re going to reward in a client. You may have wasted quite a bit of time researching your client in an attempt to screen him to ensure you would be safe with him. And, if your client is willing to cross boundaries by lying, what other personal boundaries of yours will he attempt to cross? It’s just not wise to follow through with a client who has lied to you from the very start about something as significant as who he is.
  • Ask lots of questions before you agree to follow through. Since you’ve already wasted your time by traveling to the outcall, you may feel that it’s a big loss if you leave the encounter. After all, you may have turned down other clients for the time, too, losing money if you don’t follow through. If you do decide to stay, ask your client many questions about who he is, why he didn’t book with you himself and his background seeing escorts. If you sense anything is off or that he’s still lying to you, bail immediately, regardless of how much you need the money. And, if it seems safe, request a kill fee for the encounter. It’s his fault that you’re not following through with the encounter; a kill fee is completely appropriate.
  • Deny the client an encounter if he doesn’t fit your client guidelines you list in your profile or on your website. If your information specifies that you don’t see foreign clients, clients who don’t speak English or clients with any other characteristics that you refuse, tell the client that you are unwilling to see him based on your personal boundaries. Tell him that even though he tried to slip through, you wouldn’t make exceptions, especially when he lied to you to get to see you.
  • Postpone the encounter till when you have properly screened this new client. The only way to ensure your safety is to consistently and thoroughly screen your clients. When a different client appears than who you expect, he could be anyone: a criminal, a sociopath or a good guy. But, you don’t know. It’s never safe to put yourself into a situation where you are alone with someone you have no information about, even a true cell phone number. If your client doesn’t understand this, he probably isn’t someone you want to be seeing anyways.
  • Don’t send mixed messages to your client by accepting the booking. By going through with the encounter, you are telling him it’s justifiable to lie to you so he can get what he wants, even though you don’t like it. It’s like telling a child not to eat candy before his dinner, and giving it to him anyways when he complains. Don’t let your client talk you into an encounter on the spot, even if he’s got a good excuse or a great cover story. Stick to your guns and your standards. Don’t let your clients lie to you.
  • Report switcheroo clients to the National Blacklist. It’s not cool for a client to deceptively book an escort, even if her really means no harm. Make other escorts aware of the client’s methods by providing information about the client(s)’ names and information provided for screening. Through your efforts, other escorts may avoid getting duped and wasting their time, too.
  • Call the police if you need help. If you are in a situation where the client becomes violent, threatening or harassing, contact law enforcement for help in getting rid of the client. You don’t deserve to be mistreated because you stick to your standards of not accepting encounters from dishonest clients.

In any of these situations where you refuse to follow through with the encounter with the client, feel free to request the entire fee he owes you or a partial payment to help compensate you for lost time, travel costs and other expenses you may have incurred as a result of the canceled appointment.

How escorts can blacklist a client

Most escorts have wonderful clients. However, from time to time, there will be one who is disrespectful, rude, greedy, stupid, oblivious to hygiene or possesses some other trait that makes it impossible for him to remain on an escort’s regular client list. And just as there are many types of clients, there are many ways that an escort may go about blacklisting them: Continue reading

How escorts can avoid being scammed by agencies

Escorts are just as likely to have scams run on them as any human being. Many scams target the smaller markets, such as male escorts and social escorts. However, many scams advertise for their victims by stating that escorts of any age, gender or attractiveness are in high demand. The truth is that clients rarely outnumber escorts. Here are some things to look for to avoid getting scammed as you enter the escort industry: Continue reading

Condom 101 for escorts

One of the necessary tools of the trade for escorts is a condom. With each and every client, an escort should use a condom if any kind of physical, sexual intercourse is going to be a part of the meeting. A condom can keep an escort safe(r) from disease and infection, prevent pregnancy and ensure extra peace of mind along the way. However, in order to use condoms properly, some background information is necessary. Continue reading