The economics of the going rate for escort services

Seasoned clients are accustomed to paying the established fees when they book an escort encounter. But, many clients new to the process often wonder why escorts charge the rates they do. After all, you can get it for free when you pull a one-night stand. And, if you hire a hooker, her services are really cheap. What is so special about an escort that warrants paying several hundred dollars for one hour of her or his time? Continue reading

You are not buying an escort

Escorts see a wide variety of clients who touch on all levels of socio-economic statuses. From middle-class clients to the very wealthiest A-listers, escorts provide them with companionship and time through their services. To an escort, all clients are charged the same rate, providing that time with them is not overly difficult or taxing. But, many clients assume that by offering an escort more money, they will achieve certain privileges or “rights” due to their generosity. Continue reading

Deathmatch: An escort vs. a one-night stand

A lot of people scoff at the idea of calling an escort to fulfill any of their communicative, sexual or romantic needs. They argue that they don’t have a problem finding a suitable partner to engage in intimacy with. But, in reality, a warm body to just have sex with is much different than hiring the services of an escort. Prospective clients claim that it’s cheaper to go out and look for a one-night stand, forgetting that you get what you pay for. Continue reading

Escorting is a lonely career

Despite the fact that escorts may correspond with several clients on any given day and have appointments with several within the span of a single week, being an escort can make a person feel isolated from the rest of the world.

The world of escorting is entirely different than getting up every morning and going to work at the office. Due to the nature of the business and other concerns, being an escort can be very lonely. Continue reading