Should you fess up to being an escort?

The choice to become an adult entertainer is usually a very private one made without a lot of input from friends and family members. For many, it’s something they attempt independently, as a trial to see how successful they can be at such an untraditional profession. But, once they are fully engulfed in the career, the dilemma remains about whether they should share their newfound direction in life with others, or to keep it a secret. There are definite pros and cons to each decision, but there may come a time when fessing up to the truth is necessary or called for. When does that occur? Consider the following as signs that it’s time to share the news with others you care for: Continue reading

Sensible tips for providing “no regrets” adult services

No matter why a girl decides to escort she always wants to avoid some of the pitfalls of the business. Staying safe, avoiding unnecessary law enforcement issues, finding great clients and actually enjoying the world’s oldest profession are all achievable goals. So is making good money and having a lot of control over you time and your life. But they all begin with a “no regrets” strategy. Continue reading

13 trifles with enough power to blow escort’s image

Escorts have to be aware that they are creating the ultimate fantasy for their clients. Choosing from a large selection of escorts, clients pick out an escort who meets their preferences in many ways, including appearance, niche and the types of encounters they provide. It’s essential to make your best attempt at fulfilling that role your client expects you to perform perfectly. Through your photos, profile verbiage and communication style during the booking process, a client gets a perception of your image. Continue reading

How can escorts dodge their clients’ partners?

Anytime that you are working with clients who may not be exactly living the single lifestyle, you run the risk of encountering a jealous partner. Significant others may be lying in wait, trying to catch their loved one in less-than-honorable situations. Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time may put you right in the middle of a very undesirable predicament. Continue reading

The effects of confiding your escorting secret to others

It’s common for escorts to debate the pros and cons of divulging their secrets to friends and family members. But, most often, the pros and cons directly relate to how the sharing of the truth will affect you, the escort. Even though that may be a prevalent concern for you, obviously, there are many other factors to consider when you plan to confide in others. There’s a significant ripple effect that results in situations that you may not have even thought about and how they will impact not only you, but the important people in your life. Continue reading

Girl on the go: Escorting in a mobile world

Lying in your purse is a tiny device that is, in actuality, a full-scale computer thousands of times more powerful than the computer aboard the Apollo 11 mission which landed men on the moon. Saying that the Smartphone has revolutionized the internet is no exaggeration. Add to it tablets, and suddenly the world in which a modern-day escort conducts her business is totally transformed. Continue reading

14 quick-n-easy ways to turn off an escort

Even though most clients assume it’s an escort’s responsibility to turn them on, the entire encounter goes much more smoothly if your actions do not work against you by repelling your escort. It’s true that an escort may not always be attracted to her clients, but most successful escorts find something appealing about them… so much so that they can find a way to get turned on during intimate moments. However, there are some surefire ways that clients will actually make an escort’s job even more challenging by turning her off, sexually. Avoid making the following mistakes: Continue reading

How not to get caught with an escort: A primer for men

Some men really should not be allowed out the door without a minder. The sheer folly which leads to men getting caught visiting an escort is astonishing. The fact that they are visiting an escort is entirely up to them; but no matter how you look at it, visiting an escort counts as cheating on your wife or girlfriend unless you have her permission and, even then, watch out. Continue reading

How to keep your escort encounters discreet

The reason that indulgences with the escort industry are so successful is discretion. The business would not be beneficial to anyone if it were conducted openly, in the public, in the view of clients’ family members, friends and colleagues. As they are learning the ropes, escorts discover the significance of acting in such a manner that their dalliances with clients fly under the radar, both with clients’ lives and their own privacy at stake. But, many clients fail to realize the roles they play in keeping their escapades under wraps. Continue reading