Theresa Berkley, BDSM escort and madam

For some reason sex seems so much more delicious when thought of in restrained historical contexts; as children we learned about the morals and good deeds of men and women throughout history, and of the progression of civil rights and equality. As adults we can look at those same time periods—Victorian England, Puritanical New England, late 19th-century France—with a grownup eye that exposes the seedy underbelly of what lust and love ran underneath the starched collars and trim boots. Continue reading

Heidi Fleiss – Hollywood madam

It’s like something out of an episode of CSI. Four prostitutes working under Madam Heidi Fleiss go to a hotel room to meet four Chinese businessmen. The bag of coke they were asked to bring with them comes out, they talk for a bit, porn lights the room from the television. Each woman is specifically asked to have sex by one of the men, and as soon as they’ve all verbally agreed, dozens of policemen come out from the next room where they’ve been hiding and break up the party. Continue reading