Nebraska prostitution law

Nebraska legislators have kept things fairly simple when writing their laws prohibiting prostitution. Three main categories define prostitution-related crimes, in addition to the offense of prostitution, itself. Ranging in fines that start at $250 to 5 years in prison, the sentences for prostitution and related crimes are significant. Continue reading

Prostitution laws in Virginia

In Virginia, prostitution and related crimes are strictly prohibited by several statutes that define various parts of the law. Included in the statutes are prohibitions against prostitution and solicitation, unlawful status for residence in bawdy places, illegality of aiding prostitution, committing compulsion and testing for HIV and hepatitis C.

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Mississippi prostitution law

The statutes in Mississippi prohibiting prostitution are literally short, sweet and to the point. With only three statutes directly covering prostitution and related crimes, one might be led to think that the law is relatively open to interpretation. However, this isn’t the case as the statutes are clear and leave very few loopholes regarding unlawful acts and lawful ones. Continue reading

Prostitution law in Las Vegas

Known as “Sin City”, Las Vegas may be a hotbed of frowned-upon sensual entertainment, but it is not home to legalized prostitution. Except for a few counties in Nevada, prostitution is prohibited, along with all actions related to it. Continue reading

Prostitution laws in Georgia

Like other states in the U.S., Georgia distinguishes between escorts and prostitutes in that it prohibits any acts of prostitution and punishes anyone who helps advance it, promote it or benefits from it. While the actual charge of prostitution is only a misdemeanor, other offenses related to prostitution are taken much more seriously resulting in prison terms, heavy fines, vehicle seizure and public notification of conviction.

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Idaho prostitution law

Prostitution is illegal in Idaho, like the other 49 states in the U.S. What separates its laws, however, is the fact that the state uses one simple sentencing guideline for all prostitution offenses labeled as felonies. Several forms of prostitution are identified by Idaho’s statutes prohibiting prostitution. Continue reading

New Mexico prostitution laws

Prostitution in New Mexico is a simple petty misdemeanor, but the crime has the potential to send an offender to jail for up to 6 months on the first offense. New Mexico’s laws prohibiting prostitution are pretty basic and much like the laws for the other 49 states in the U.S. Continue reading

Oregon prostitution law

Oregon, nicknamed the Beaver State, divides its laws prohibiting prostitution and related crimes into three separate distinctions. The three divisions are: prostitution, promotion and compulsion. Offenses in Oregon are taken very seriously with potential fines being high and imprisonment sentences being lengthy.

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Washington prostitution law

The state of Washington categorizes its prohibition of prostitution into two sections: prostitution/patronization and promotion/advancement. With less serious misdemeanor penalties, the state makes up for it with its class C and B felony convictions of more serious aspects of prostitution crime. Continue reading

Louisiana prostitution law

While Louisiana is known for parties and good times with its famous Mardi Gras celebration, its laws are a bit of a party pooper when it concerns prostitution within the state. Prostitution is strictly prohibited by the Pelican State with very detailed laws specifying several offenses related to the initial crime.

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