13 reasons why you did not like your session with an escort

It’s really discouraging and frustrating when you pay any kind of service provider for an activity and fail to receive a good experience from it. Whether you’re looking for a babysitter for your child, medical care from a doctor or adult services from an entertainment provider, it’s disheartening when you feel that you didn’t get what you paid for. Understanding why the situation didn’t live up to what you hoped it would is key in scheduling future encounters that will. Some of these reasons can be attributed to being your own fault, while others are clearly beyond your control. Here are many of the reasons: Continue reading

10 reasons why you thought “I’d never do THAT for a living”

Many people have applied multiple reasons in their heads as to why they would never explore the world of being an adult service provider. But, when these excuses/reasons are dismantled, it’s pretty obvious that they really don’t apply—at all! They were probably some of the same things you told yourself, too, before taking up the career, too! Take a look at the top 10 reasons you thought you’d never be an escort: Continue reading

7 not-so-obvious reasons why men see escorts

It is not exactly a secret why men see escorts. Or is it? At the primary level, despite assorted legal fictions, men see escorts for intimate encounters and many escorts have a good business skipping the games and getting right down to business. However, for an escort who wants to grow her business and enhance her rates, a deeper understanding of the motivations of her clients can make her the escort of choice. Continue reading

Top 7 reasons escorts shouldn’t book dates with virgins

It’s an age-old practice: adolescents or young men hiring ladies of negotiable affection to help them lose their virginities and “become men”. Since the times that prostitutes first appeared in documents produced by the Sumerians, young men have been contracting with escorts to help them pop their cherries, so to speak. Today, though, many escorts choose to avoid these encounters and unload them to someone else. Continue reading