Top 13 things you will miss about escorting if you quit

Most escorts enter into the industry with a goal to retire “soon.” It’s not usually a long-term plan to stay in the career for a lifetime. It’s usually a way for a person to amass some serious savings, adopt a more flexible lifestyle and get paid what he or she is worth. Sometimes, it may even be way to acquire enough money to open a business or start a new career adventure. But, many adult services providers find that they seriously miss their old jobs when they go back to “traditional” working environments. If and when you consider quitting the escort industry, consider the top things you will miss about escorting when you leave: Continue reading

13 things providers should never consent to even in dire need of money

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for an escort to become desperate for money. Whether it’s because you’re new to the industry and are struggling to develop a full schedule of bookings or you’ve encountered a dry spell of clients (or many other circumstances could be causing you financial difficulties), it’s a terrible state to be in. Continue reading

Sensible tips for providing “no regrets” adult services

No matter why a girl decides to escort she always wants to avoid some of the pitfalls of the business. Staying safe, avoiding unnecessary law enforcement issues, finding great clients and actually enjoying the world’s oldest profession are all achievable goals. So is making good money and having a lot of control over you time and your life. But they all begin with a “no regrets” strategy. Continue reading