14 relationships that every escort should nurture

Nearly every job or industry has a set of individuals that a person needs to have positive connections with. As an escort, this is a significant tip to remember. Even though an escort leads a secretive lifestyle with few people knowing the truth about her career, she maintains important relationships with others who help ensure her success. Additionally, the nurturing of relationships with people who don’t know her secrets is equally important to maintaining work/life balance and helping an escort to be happy. Continue reading

Escort-client relationship: confidante, therapist, adviser

Even though the general assumption is that an escort is hired to provide that kind of services, an escort really may fill other voids in a client’s life, too. Escorts who see regular clients begin to develop a relationship with them, and while it may not be “love” in the full scope of the term, the relationship becomes very fulfilling to both the escort and client due to what they receive from one another. Continue reading