The escort’s 13 ways to loosen up before going on

Whether it’s stage fright or just the fear of the unknown that suddenly hits an escort or any other adult service provider, it can be hard to mentally and physically prepare for performances for clients and customers. Much like any other kind of performer or service provider, there are many relaxation techniques you can use to loosen up prior to the “big event.” Relaxation may not be the only thing you need to consider as you get ready to take the stage or meet up with a client. Review these tips to help you loosen up and build yourself up for a stellar performance: Continue reading

How escorts can make the best of the slow season

It’s a common trend for certain times of year or seasons to be slower than others. Often, repeatedly, the same time periods prove to be less profitable and produce lower numbers of leads and fewer inquiries for escorts. If you have a consistently slow season, you don’t have to muddle through it without receiving any benefits of your increased free time. Continue reading