Does religion shoot itself in the foot by condemning sex and escorts?

Anti-prostitution activists cite many reasons that prostitution and escorting should be outlawed, often with many of their arguments fueled by quotations from the Bible or other religious texts. They fling judgment at sex workers through their interpretations that the Bible condemned women who sold their company with men, often mistaking the true intent of the context. Zealots are quick to place blame on women who “seduce and lure” innocent men into their “lusty lairs”, failing to realize that they defy their own gods, who made sex the ultimate driving force of history. Continue reading

Escorts in the Bible

The people represented during the eras of the Bible were no prudes. Known as the world’s oldest profession, escort service industry was common and described in the Bible. Several references exist, along with many escorts having important roles in Jesus’ life and helping to promote the will of God. Continue reading